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David Bowie ….Timeline

DAVID BOWIE ….. TIMELINE 1947 Born DAVID ROBERT JONES. 1947 – 2016, RIP, age 69. Liver cancer. Legacy includes: Reinvention of his public persona, three times with a specific character. Extensive film work, androgyny and gender exploration.  Electrifying live concerts. German cabaret. Lou Reed. Iggy Pop. Powerful unique singing voice. Several classic pop/rock hits. INFLUENCED […]

2016 Nominees: Rock and Roll – Hall Of Fame. Cleveland Rocks!

NOMINEES : 2016 Nominees For The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ONLY THE TOP 5 ARE INDUCTED. .. https://rockhall.com/inductees/     THE CARS::::: Great hit records and album cuts.  Ric Ocasek and Ben Orr led the New Wave movement to radio. Rocking guitars and that signature keyboard sound. MUST: classic , self-titled, debut LP. […]

The Queen Rules.

“18 Powers & Privileges Of Queen Elizabeth II” By Osien Kuumar, SW Staff Writer. 1 – Her Majesty The Queen … needs no license to drive 2 – Needs no passport. 3 – Celebrates TWO birthdays… Her actual birthday is April 21, 1926 …. Her official birthday in June. CURRENTLY, Queen Elizabeth II, age 89, […]

Tom Brady and Multiple NFL MVP Winners

MULTIPLE NFL MVP WINNERS: Eight QB’s have won multiple NFL MVP’s. How many QB’s can you name? HINT: Team/Year of first MVP trophy and how many career MVP’s won.   (BALT)1964-2X, (SF)1989-2X, (SF)1992-2X, (GB)1995-3X, (STL)1999-2X, (IND)2003-5X, (NE)2007-2X, (GB)2011-2x.   NOTE: 8 QB’s and multiple MVP’S, Don Hutson (GB) WR, and Jim Brown (CLE) RB. NOTE: […]

Boston’s Banner Years. …and the Runner-Up List.

Red Sox 8-4,   Patriots 4-4,   Bruins 6-13   and   Celtics 17-4 in the World Series / Super Bowl / Stanley Cup / NBA Finals. Thanks, Channel 5 WCVB – Great Graphic design! ——————————————————————————————————- The Runner – Up List (2015, compiled by Ed Mullen) 1927 4-13-27 Stanley Cup, Game 4 Two of four were […]

Trivia: New England Patriots.

—————————————————————————————————– Designed by Phil Bissell, cartoonist. Patriots logo from 1961-1993. Replaced by the “Flying Elvis” logo. Predominant team color changes from RED to BLUE . Along w/ marketing reason, the original patriots (minutemen, Revolutionary War) fought against the RED coats. —————————————————————————————————— Q: Name the Patriots 5 First Over-All Draft Picks. Hint, 1964, 1971, 1982, 1984 […]

R.I.P. Spock. “Fascinating”. So Serious, So Funny. Star Trek’s Great Character. “Live Long and Prosper”

  Leonard Nimoy. Spock. Fun Facts. Trivia. (1931-2015, age 83) Spock says, ” Fascinating”… again and again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFods1KSWsQ YouTube The singer. Nimoy recorded 5 albums. BTW, Shatner one LP, “Transformed Man”.LEONARD NIMOY PERFORMS: Highly Illogical, A Visit To A Sad Planet, Where Is Love, IF I HAD A HAMMER (The Hammer Song), , Music To […]

Military Discount : $200 off : Wedding Music

If the bride or groom is a member of the US Armed Services, $200 off my wedding music service. This offer extended until December 2016. A small gesture with great respect. From 2008 – 2013,  it was a $100 discount. As of Nov 2014, $200 discount [valid til DEC 31, 2016]