Teamwork Trivia : The fundraising season begins. Event updates and Q&A here. September 2015

Q1: What STAR has the most stars, on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame?


HINTS: He has 5 stars, one for each of the FIVE categories.
[1] Recording: Singers And Songwriters. [2] Live Stage Performers. [3] Movie Stars & Directors. [4] Television. [5] Radio.

His first movie was in 1934.

His first national hit record was in 1935.

His 1940 radio show promoted his “Ten Cowboy Commandments”, promoting good moral behavior.

His career included an ownership role, in Major League Baseball.


A1: GENE AUTRY  has 5 stars.

F.Y.I: World Famous: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

“Tumbling Tumbleweeds”(1935, song) .

“The Singing Cowboy”.

Melody Ranch, movie studio.

Since 1960, in MLB, as part owner of California Angels and AL League Vice-President (until 1998, RIP age 91)