Gangnam Style: Is it the “Electric Slide” of 2012 ?

GANGNAM STYLE by PSY (2012). Is this the “Electric Slide of 2012” ?

Popular STYLES , LINE DANCE or MOVES  ? What is yours?

THE ELECTRIC SLIDE.  [ by Marcia Griffiths “Electric Boogie” 1989. Formally, one of the I-Three’s who were Bob Marley’s (vocal) backing group.]

THE MACARENA  [ by Los Del Rio 1995, several variations followed including “Christmas Macarena, Quinceañera Macarena ]

THE STROLL [by The Diamonds 1957. The Stroll (dance) can be done to several songs of the same tempo]

THE CUPID SHUFFLE  [by Cupid 2007.]

THE RUNNING MAN [use “What have You Done For Me Lately by Janet Jackson, many other New Jack Swing jams, too]

THE CHA- CHA SLIDE  [by DJ Casper 2000, peaked 2004] [comedian Chris Rock says: it is just the new Hokey Pokey]

THE BUS STOP  [ use “The Hustle” or ” Night Fever” etc…. A.K.A. the Charlie Brown]

THE HUSTLE [ by Van McCoy, 1975. Re-Launched American dance music, one of the first mega-hits of the disco era.] [Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony. Died,  at age 39, in 1979, of a heart attack.]

THE BOOT SCOOTIN’ BOOGIE.  [by Brooks & Dunn, 1992]

GANGNAM STYLE [ by PSY 2012, South Korean origin.]

ACHY BREAKY HEART [ by Billy Ray Cyrus 1992. . Credited with igniting the Country Music Line Dance Craze with mega-hit Achy Breaky Heart.  15 Top40 hits, 3 #1 singles. FYI: Spoof/Tribute by Disney, Chipmunks, Weird Al.

Popularized the “mullet” hair-do.  Apologies to the word popularized.

Real-life father of child star, Miley Cyrus (born in 1992) “Hannah Montana” debuted 2006-ended 2011.]

THE CHICKEN DANCE  [ by the Tweets.]

Y.M.C.A.  [by the Village People, 1978. VH-1 ranks it as #7 on the 100 Greatest Dance Songs of the 20th Century. Being featured on American Bandstand with Dick Clark (Jan.1979) boosted the song immeasurably.

THE ROBOT.  [Can be performed to many songs like “Dancing Machine” by the Jackson Five, “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock, “Everybody Dance Now” by C+C Music Factory…]

THE NEW KIDS DANCE. [mimic the video: the dance includes pulling one foot back/back/back, then shuffling feet  from side to side – you got the right stuff, baby] [ In 1991, Forbes magazine ranked the group as the richest entertainers (2nd was Bill Cosby, NBC’s hit “The Cosby Show”) with earnings of $115 million dollars]

THRILLER  [ Late 1983. Probably the greatest MTV video of all-time. Simple,  just repeat (try it) all Michael Jackson’s best moves]

SOULJA BOY [“Crank That”  by SouljaBoy 2007]

JAMES BROWN [Too many moves to mention. Lighting fast feet, the slide, the cape, etc..]

THE SWIM  [originally by Bobby Freeman “C’mon and Swim”, 1964. (“Do You Wanna Dance”, 1958)

THE MOONWALK [by Michael Jackson 1983. Electrified the entertainment world, when he debuted his moonwalk on March 25, 1983 on the “MOTOWN 25” TV special. {origins of the Moonwalk? ask me}

THE CARLTON  [the dance: plays “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones and let the good times begin…]  Alfonzo Ribeiro as Carlton Banks, Will Smith’s cousin. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (1990-1996) Also, “Silver Spoons”,  game show host-“Your Big Break” & “Catch 21” and “Dancin With the Stars(2007). Note: At age 13, he starred in the 1984 classic Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson!

BREAK DANCIN’ (Poppin’ & Lockin’).  [The 1980’s signature dance moves]

PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT [It is like a three act play, if done right]

SWING / JITTERBUG [“In The Mood by Glenn Miller(1939), Let’s Dance – Benny Goodman’s (The King Of Swing) theme song.] The Swing Era 1930’s-40’s.

DISCO (with a partner or solo). [examples: “Saturday Night Fever”,  “American Bandstand” and “Soul Train”.

THE LINE [ featured on “Soul Train”]

THE TWIST [by Chubby Checker, 1960, 1962. The greatest and the easiest dance of all-time. Thank you, Chubby Checker.] [ The only song, not called White Christmas,  to re-enter the Billboard charts twice and hit #1.]



6th Annual Teamwork Trivia Night for the E. Ethel Little School in North Reading.

The E. Ethel Little School, North Reading. Wow!

Sixth time is the charm? Six in one hand is… Six was afraid of seven because…?? The Moose Hall In North Reading (SOLD-OUT, again) for the 6th Annual Teamwork Trivia Night for The Little School. 250 Parents and Teachers weer ready to battle – again!

“It was a big success! We had one of the best turnouts with lots of new families, alumni families and so many teachers.  We were so pleased with the earnings results and have received excellent feedback!!! Thanks again to your talent and dedication to our event every year!!! “The new twists Ed added were a huge hit — double round stickers, mulligans, and “under your seat zaniness — they all flowed right into the game and added lots of laughs! We even used the “mulligans” ($) to help raise funds for the Hurricane Sandy Relief …and it was a great success!” – Nancy Powell

The “dress code” was won by the “I Love The 80’s” table, who had decorated their table with a homemade cassette tape centerpiece, a rubix cube, 80’s movies cartridges (E.T., Dirty Dancing etc). A dozen tables dressed up themselves and their tables for “prizes or points”, in this case : prizes.  A few dancers even broke it down… GANGHAM STYLE!!!

Q: Jean Shepard was the author of“A Christmas Story” & Frankie’s voice. Finish his book’s title: “In God We Trust, ____”. Q: On “Family Guy”, the high school is named after what real-life actor? Q: What alcoholic drink’s name is the Polish word for “ winter” (peak poularity in 1994).

(Committee led by: Nancy Powell, Marina and Ed & Jen)
Moose Hall, North Reading, Nov3, 2012

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Shawsheen Valley Voc Tech HS PAC …goes for three times! The 3rd Annual Teamwork Trivia is the PAC’s biggest one yet!

Shawsheen Valley Voc Tech HS PAC. The third annual Teamwork Trivia Night was biggest yet for Shawsheen PAC! The 15 tables of all ages made for a nice family outing with many first-timers. The on-going “tablet” raffle got a big boost. National Honor Society students volunteered to help collect and tabulate the answers. 150 people from the five towns enjoyed the night out. Next year’s winners say that they “can’t wait to defend their title”.
Q: To make a cashmere sweater, you need the coat of a ??

Q: The Rock Of Gibralter separates what 2 countries?

Q: In hockey, what is a Gordie Howe Hat Trick?
One music round included “Raise Your Glass” by Pink, “ Boyfriend” by Justin Beiber, “Devil Inside” by INXS and the TV theme from “Bewitched”.
( Thanks to the PAC, led by Joann Brace )  Billerica Elks, Nov 2, 2012

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Wedding in Denmark, Living in Kenya, but Party in Boston!

  • Married in Denmark, so have your reception in Boston! Alisha & Bucky threw an incredible party at the Exchange Conference Center (Hello, Michele Stump!) ( see FB: Boston Exchange Conference Center) . Wow! The great weather made for an moonlit harborside -outside- cocktail hour. The couple, who currently live in Kenya, brought a world-wide music sample for my second sound system. Then, the 150 guests entered the atrium for dinner, toasts and fine dining, courtesy of the ECC. Great moments were captured by photographer, Theresa Johnson (Hi Theresa) (see FB : johnsonphotographyinc). Including the “all guests” group picture from the balcony. Then, the dancing began and did not stop til’ the midnight hour. My meetings with Bucky & Alisha generated a hit song list that included current hits ( Pitbull, Guetta, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Gaga, Katy, Rihanna, “Call Me Maybe”…) and classic party songs from Abba, “Good Times” by Chic, Donna Summer, “In The Mood” and “Let’s Twist Again”.
    Congratulations to Alisha & Bucky!… 10-20-12 (See more fun & pix at DJ Mr Ed HQ)