Disc Jockey Mr.Ed Mullen: The 2013 Sound System: Take a peek at “The 2 Minute Mix.”

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2013 DJ Mr Ed Mullen. My Sound System: Take a peek at The 2 Minute Mix

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DJ Sound Equipment : The 2 Minute Mix
DJ Mr Ed Mullen: My sound system. My second sound system, too. System #3 and #4 are available.

My mixer & music library: ProDJpc.  My speakers: JBL & QSC.

The second sound system is The Matrix B-52 (used with CD or iPod). Mixer/Mic/2 speakers. Compact but, powerful.

The third sound system is an Anchor 4500 battery-powered speaker (used with CD or iPod).

The fourth system is the BlockRocker. For small or quiet venues (used with CD or iPod) battery powered or AC. Microphone available.


Mobile, simple, elegant, powerful sound system that “fits in”  any venue : formal or festive.

Rehearsal dinner of 40 (Sherborn Inn, 2012) to a ballroom of 700 guests (Westin Copley Plaza, 2013).

Massive digital music library in ProDJpc computer. Custom music requests for your function.

Karaoke – available.

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Wedding Wire : Bride’s Choice Award 2013.

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Weddings, Wedding VenuesDJ Mr. Ed -Boston-, Best Wedding DJs in Boston - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner

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700 Guests at the Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.Bash at the Westin Copley Place, Boston.

Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc, Lexington MA . When the guest estimate went from 400 to 700, I was thinking…. wow! The Westin Copley Place, Boston ballroom is huge that is true, but Dana Marcos Events designed an elegant “diamond-in the clouds” design that had to seen, to be believed.

For the six hours of music, I went with upbeat club classics as the guests entered this wonderland for about an hour. Doors open as “Diamonds” by Rihanna played. Then, the food stations were the main focus so, I provided R&B classics & jazz standards.

Then, I changed the pace to contemporary dance music with sets of diverse party classics from years back.

The dancefloor rocked with Pitbull, Nicki Minaj (“Starships”+“ Va Va Voom”), Rihanna, Flo Rida, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Tiao Cruz, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris (“Let’s Go”+“We Found Love”), “Party Rock Anthem” and yes, “Gangnam Style”.

Some sets included “Clocks” (in Cuban cha-cha style), Celia Cruz, Juan Luis Guerra… and “Mandolay” by La Flavour.  Then, party anthems by Salt-N-Pepa, “It’s Tricky” by Run-DMC, “O.P.P”, “Pump Up The Jam”, “Gasolina”, “Good Life”,  Michael Jackson, and Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”.

Swing dancing to “Chattanooga Choo-Choo”.  “Rocking Around The Clock” to some 45’s like “Oh Pretty Woman” and “Fever”!

Later “Born To Be Alive”, “Get Down Tonight” and Donna Summer closed the night.

This mega-sound system consists of the DJ computer console (www.ProDJpc.com) and a pair of JBL(G2)EON and a pair of QSC-K12 speakers. The biggest indoor crowd I have ever played for.

*New Feature* : INSTANT MUSIC REQUESTS WITH FACEBOOK. Due to the large crowd in the ballroom, guests could (and did) make instant music requests by logging onto my Facebook page (DJ Mr Ed) and posting their request. I received the request on my IPad and turning my phone into a Mobile Hotspot, since there was no Wi-Fi in the ballroom.

Firing on all cylinders that Saturday night.

Thank you to Cheryl Cormier at Cubist Pharmaceuticals in Lexington MA, Samantha Mahoney (hi to Ted Daniels) at the Westin Copley Place, Boston and Dana Marcos and the DME crew!   Jan 2013.

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NE Bio Labs Holiday Bash In 2011, Now In 2012! Four Sound Systems Simultaneously! Seriously!

New England Bio Labs, Ipswich MA. 2012. For the two years in a row, the NE BioLabs party planners have created a Holiday Celebration like no other! With 500 attendees, there was a lot to prepare. Dana Markos Events designed an classic Hollywood theme that was astounding! The day-to-day NE BioLab headquarters was transformed into several concept rooms. Vinwood Caterers took over the kitchen and developed several creative menus.

For the music, I had four separate sound sytems playing simultaneously! Really.
ONE: Blackjack Hideaway.
TWO: Peter Lawford’s Lounge.
THREE: At the Casino.
FOUR: The Dance Floor. Full party rockin ’til midnight.

The 500 guests toured (their own work place) the new look atrium, cafeteria, lounge, hallways with wide eyes. So much to taste and sip. So much to see and talk about. So many kinds of music for all ages and preferences.

Thanks to Pam Ireland, again! See you next winter!

NE BioLabs, Ipswich MA. December 2012  (see the fun & pix on Facebook)

Poli Mortgage rockin’ with me since 2006!

Poli Mortgage Holiday Bash at the Walpole Country Club.
Another great winter cocktail/dinner/dance! Lots of new hires and familiar faces at this glittering year-ender! Thanks to Christine Hadaya for finding my phone number, every year since 2006. Thank you! Dec 2012.