Matt Meinholz

Matt Meinholz, a Wisconsin 17-year old son and brother to six fun siblings. A football player, a St.Louis Rams’s fan, a senior at Middleton HS. A cancer fighter. By just finishing 30 proton-beam treatments in 30 days, there was not leave a lot of time to see the October sights around Boston but the Meinholz family did their best, as usual. In a brief visit, I found a fun teenager, head held high, and supportive and grateful family at his side.

The family could see the Head of the Charles Regatta from their hotel window. Matt got to see the USS Constitution in the Boston Harbor, not just his textbook. Matt’s dad pointed out that the whole family got a real-life history lesson here in the Bay State. The walking tour thru Boston’s Italian North End was part of Matt’s recovery. Putting on a positive 10 pounds by this month’s end is a step in the right direction for this teenager.

Although, I did my best, Matt is a Rams fan. Not even his father could get him to rout for Green Bay, so the Patriots were out of the question (maybe Red Sox, in the AL because his Brewers are in the NL). This ESPN-savvy teenager knows his sports inside and out. Bret Farve, Desmond Howard, ’96 Super Bowl GB vs Pats, that 6th round Michigan alum – Tom Brady, ’01 Super Bowl (his) STL Rams vs Pats and ’11 Brewers play-offs. Matt is versed in all these areas. Tail-gating and grilling brauts at Wisconsin Badgers games were missed this year, due to this Boston trip. Matt is, however, going back to Wisconsin with a Boston accent, an unexpected gift.

The extraordinary Mass. General Hospital is the only place that offered this modern therapy, extraordinary everyday at the Mass General. The “big” assist from Double Tree Guest Suites that welcomed this big Wisconsin family when they needed it most, is a big part of their story. Thanks to big-hearted Theresa Johnson for stepping up for this family in need.

Matt and his family are going back to Wisconsin Friday. Matt has more chemo-therapy in 2012 already scheduled in Wisconsin. Matt has high hopes for the Rams, Brewers and Badgers next year and a positive attitude looking ahead. Everyone (Boston and Wisconsin) has the same for Matt.