British Trivia

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Q1-What is the main stone in Kate Middleton’s engagement ring?

Q2-Name Prince William’s only brother

Q3-Name (first name) the husband of Queen Elizabeth II

Q4-What was Princess Diana’s last name as a commoner?

Q5-Name the London landmark that is as famous for funerals and burials, as well as, weddings and coronations.

Q6-Where did Kate’s engagement ring come from?

Q7-With Princess Diana and Prince Charles in attendance, the Wembley Stadium-half of 1985’s Live Aid festival, featured what band performing “Radio Gaga” which many say is the greatest concert performance in rock history.

Q8-What word has been deleted from the traditional weding vows, in Kate and William’s nuptials.

Q9-According to Billboard magazine, name the top British solo artist (not a band) of the rock era (which is since 1958).

Q10-Legend has it, that in 1858, the 6-foot,4-inch, Sir Benjamin Hall was at the right place at the right time. As a city commissoner, he brought together the needs of the artist and the needs of the architect to what famous London landmark that bears his name.

Q11-Ms. Kate Middleton’s complete first name is…?

Q12-On the Royal wedding invitation, what time does the ceremony begin(London time) ?
-What time does it happen in Boston (EST)

Q13-Name the second longest river in the UK. It flows through the center of London.

Q14-True or False: The letters KG after Prince William’s name mean that, he is a knight of the “Order of the Garter”.

Q15-Name the most famous grass tennis court in the world.

Q16-The “Titanic” was built in Belfast, Ireland but it’s port of registry is what British city?

Q17-The coronation of a new king or queen of England is bestowed upon the person while sitting on a modest chair built in he 1300’s. It is called the Coronation Chair. What was the first name of the king who started that tradition? Henry? William? Edward?

Q18-Name any 3 of the 7 largest cities in England, by population.

Q19-Name the British king that “lost” the American colonies in a revolutionary war in the 1770’s?

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Q20-An image of Queen Victoria appears on what collector’s item from 1840? It is called “One Penny Black” .

Q21-Name the British rock band that named 2 of its albums after Marx Brothers movies.
“A Night at The Opera” and “A Day At The Races”.

Q22-Name the Elton John original song that became the biggest-selling single of all-time.

Q23-In London, the Houses of Parliament are somewhat like our Senate and Represenitives.
Name one of the two “houses of ? ”
The first ‘house’ represents influential nobility and the other ‘house’ members are voted in by the people.

Q24-Europe’s tallest ferris wheel is located in London. It was tallest in the world when it opened at the Millennium celebration. It is already ranked third tallest at this time. What is it called?

Q25-Name the London landmark that honors Admiral Nelson with a huge column and four large lions and a squadron of pigeons.

Q26-Name the second longest river in the UK. It flows through the center of London.

Q27-The “Changing Of The Guard” occurs in front of what London landmark?

Q28-Name the auditorium that the Beatles mention in the song, “A Day In The Life”

Q29-If you live in Liverpool, you are a “… ? ..”
(a Bostonian from Boston, etc)

Q30-From 1831 to 1967, “London Bridge” spanned the Thames River, it was purchased and dismantled for relocation to what US state where it rests today.

Q31-Early in their career, the Beatles championed a style of beat music named after a Liverpool river. Name that river. Later, Gerry & the Pacemakers honored it with their biggest record.

Q32-In death, what do these historical figures have in common?
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Charles Darwin
Sir Issac Newton
Charles Dickens
Edmund Hillary (Mt Everest)
Edmund Halley (Halley’s comet)

Q33-The normal capacity at Westminster Abbey is 2000 people but, the living are out-numbered by the dead who lay buried in the Abbey. True or False?

Q34-On August 31st, 1997 the Paris car accident that killed Princess Diana, had 3 other occupants.
Describe or name them. Of the four, there was one survivor.
============== answers below ====================
A2-Prince Henry of Wales, a.k.a. Prince Harry
A3-Prince Phillip
A5-Westminster Abbey
A6-It was given by Prince Charles to Princess Diana for their engagement. After Diana’s death, her son, Henry selected it as a keepsake. He gave it to his brother, William for his engagement to Kate.
A8-In the sentence, “… love, honor and obey”. The word: “Obey” has been deleted.
A9-Elton John
A10-Big Ben
A12-time of 11:00:00 AM. Five hours earlier in Boston .6:00 AM
A13-Thames River.

A19-King George the 3rd
A20-The world’s first postage stamp.
A22-“Candle In The Wind” -original 1973, live w/ orchestra 1986 and the tribute 1997
A23-House of Lords and the House of Commons
A24-The London “Eye”. (1893 – George Ferris, Chicago’s World Fair)
A25-Trafalgar Square
A26-Thames River.
A27-Buckingham Palace, FYI: This daily morning ceremony takes about 45 minutes.
A28-Royal “Albert Hall”
A30-Lake Havasu City in Arizona. Oil-man Robert McCullough purchased it. Many believe he thought he was purchasing the more recognizable and elaborate Tower Bridge.
A31-Mersey River. FYI: “Ferry Cross the Mersey”
A32-Buried in Westminster Abbey
A33-The deceased do have the majority. There are 3300 buried in Westmistster Abbey. Note: there were about 8000 people squeezed into the Abbey for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.
A34- The 1997 accident.
Princess Diana, killed.
Driver, Henri Paul, killed.
Dodi Fayed, killed.
Fayed ‘s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was the only survivor.
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