For a fun addition to your rehearsal dinner, traditional wedding shower or family party contact DJ Mr. Ed for “Couple’s Trivia.”

The information will be gathered, by DJ Mr. Ed, by using a simple questionnaire at our brief meeting.

“Couples’ Trivia”. Add a new twist to your Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding/Baby Showers, and Anniversaries.

The Q+A will be centered around the couple’s life, likes, school, friends and family. Including firsts, such as, jobs, cars, dates/meetings. The engagement moment. 20-30 simple questions covering family, life, school, job, car, vacation.

DJ Mr. Ed will keep the party going by playing your requests, throughout the evening. “Couples’ Trivia” is a walk-around, cocktail hour feature, as the music plays in the background.


Stephanie said...

DJ Mr. Ed was great! He did our engagement party and had everyone on the dance floor. He was willing to accommodate any genre of music, and happily took any request we gave him. He mixed it up according to what the crowd wanted. Everyone told us the party was amazing thanks to the awesome dance party DJ Mr. Ed got going! I highly recommend him!!!

Arknightmour said...

Mr. Ed was great, very professional. He DJ’d not only the wedding but the wedding shower about 2 months before the wedding. At the shower he did a trivia game (with scratch ticket prizes) for the guests based on questions about us, which he made based on information he got from us when we sat down with him a week before the shower. At the wedding he did a great job. We gave him music to play at specific times and the rest he filled in with music from his own collection that fit perfectly with our music. We had one of the most full dance floors I had ever seen at a wedding. We did dance breaks in between courses of the dinner and Ed did a great job of getting people up to dance for the dance breaks and then easing them back to their seats when it was time to eat again. Ed also had a fun game to play for giving away the centerpieces at the end of the night. He brought two separate sound systems, one for the ceremony/cocktail hour and the other set up in the dinning room. This way we had no gap in the music from one area to the next. This was a destination wedding (Stratton Mountain Vermont) and Ed made the 3 hour drive with all his gear the day before so he was there and ready to go first thing on Saturday. Most of all Ed respected our wishes at the wedding. Whatever the two of us wanted he made happen.

Paula said...

Although Couple’s Trivia was a fun new idea to us, our family members, young and old learned something fun about, Nicole and Charles. And their friends, who play trivia often, jumped right in.

Jeanne said...

We had more laughs, using Couples Trivia, at the rehearsal dinner than ever. A great ice-breaker for both families.

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