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Q1-Name the non-Eagle member who co-wrote “Take It Easy”

Q2-Who am I? I was born in Texas and my middle name is Giselle. When I was 12 yrs old, I appeared on Star Search (1993) with my vocal group, Girls Tyme.

Q3-John Lennon gave the Beatles their group name, sighting “beat” music and what other musical influence?

Q4-From 1991 to 1994, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and future N’Sync members J.C.Chase-ez and Justin Timberlake crossed paths in what group?

Q5-Name the comic book hero mentioned in song by R.E.M. , the Kinks, the Spin Doctors, Five for Fighting and Crash Test Dummies. For extra points, can you name the songs?

Q6-Who am I?
My middle name is Delight. As a young trumpeter, I worked with young Ray Charles. I produced/arranged records for many including George Benson, Brothers Johnson and Frank Sinatra. In 1962, I wrote and recorded : Austin Powers theme song. I married Julie from the Mod Squad.

Q7-Name the 3 rock guitarists that Michael Jackson hired for :
“Beat It”, “Black and White” and “Dirty Diana”.

Q8-This was the toughest question of the bunch. Happy Valentine’s Day. Name the Beatles’ songs with the word LOVE in the title. Name as many as you can. Variation of “love” is OK. Try it without Google etc. “Good luck, I got 8”, DJ Mr Ed.

Q9-Who are Cheryl James and Sandra Denton better known as?

Q10-Who am I? Born in Cleveland. Comedian on “Solid Gold” 1986-88. My talk show aired 1989-94. [Note: Johnny Carson retired in 1992] Now, I am a guest on talk shows and have been in many movies. The 1990 hit song by C+C Music Factory was based on one of my catch phrases.
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Ten answers below (1-10) Print my questions and bring them to your office or dinner table. DJ Mr Ed.

A1-Jackson Browne


A3-Buddy Holly & the Crickets (beetles, crickets, “little crawling things”, beat music.)

A4-The Mickey Mouse Club

A5-Superman – R.E.M.
Superman – Kinks
Jimmy Olsen Blues – Spin Doctors
Superman (It’s Not Easy) – Five For Fighting
Superman’s Song-Crash Test Dummies

A6-Quincy Jones

A7-Beat It: Eddie Van Halen
Black and White: Slash
Dirty Diana: Steve Stevens (Billy Idol’s band)

A8– There are 13 from LP’s and singles.There are 4 more from collections and live tracks. So, there are 17 Beatles’ songs with a variation of the word love in the title!

1-She Loves You, 2-Love Me Do, 3-All My Loving, 4-P.S. I Love You, 5-And I Love Her, 6-Can’t Buy Me Love, 7-Words Of Love, 8-You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, 9-It’s Only Love, 10-Love You To, 11-All You Need Is Love, 12-Real Love, 13-Lovely Rita
Thirteen Beatles songs with love (Variations of “love”) in the title.

Adding live tracks and collections.
{Beatles – Live at the BBC} Three more non-LP tracks w/ “LOVE” in the title.
“To Know Her, Is To Love Her”, “Soldier Of Love”, “So How Come Nobody Loves Me”.
{In the Beginning , Lost Decca Sessions} (Tony Sheridan CD), “Love of the Loved”

A9-Salt ‘n’ Pepa .
Cheryl James = (“Salt”, now Cheryl Wray)
Sandra Denton = (“Pepa”).
Don’t forget “Dee Dee” Roper = Spinderella!

A10– Arsenio Hall (“Things That Make You Go hmmmm”)