The Stanley Cup Trophy – Fun Facts

Lord Stanley of Preston, a Queen Victoria appointee, witnessed the 1889 ice hockey tournament and purchased a punch bowl to begin the design.


1893 – Originally, the trophy was called,
“The Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup”.
It was awarded, for the first time, to the Montreal Hockey Club, called Montreal HC.


1916 – The first American team competes for the “Cup”, in the finals, as the Portland (OR) Rosebuds.
1917 – The first American team wins the “Cup”, the Seattle Metropolitans.


1926 – A collection of regional league champions in Canada and the U.S. would compete for the “Cup Challenge Era”, until 1926.


By 1927, the only professional organized hockey league was now called, the National Hockey League (NHL).


1927 – The  first  NHL  Stanley Cup  finals.
Ottawa Senators defeat the Boston Bruins two games to zero, for the first NHL Stanley Cup Championship.Game .

Game1, OTT:0, BOS 0. 2OT, tie.
Game2, OTT:3, BOS:1.
Game3, OTT:1, BOS:1. 2OT, tie.
Game4, OTT:3, BOS:1.

Best “two out of three” format.

Venue: Game 1+2 at Boston Arena, Game 3+4 Ottawa Auditorium.

NOTE: Vicious, bench-clearing, fighting, included the referees and the Ottawa Police.


FYI: 1910 Boston Arena opens. Now called Northeastern’s Matthews Arena, it is the oldest multi-purpose athletic building  in the USA.  Matthews Arena is the oldest indoor ice hockey arena in the country.  Home to many teams such as the Bruins 1924-28, the Celtics 1946-55 and the New England Whalers (W.H.A.) … and the currently the Northeastern Huskies, beginning in 1930.  Home to Game One and Two of the NHL’s  first Stanley Cup Championship in 1927 featuring Boston vs Ottawa (see above).

Note: The Boston Arena/Matthews Arena (re-named in 1982) was site of festivities such as, both Roosevelts and JFK rallys, Lindbergh and Ameila Earhart celebrations, and Beanpot (first in Dec 1952) and ECAC tournaments. The 1987 Northeastern alumni, Reggie Lewis was eulogized there August 2, 1993. Lewis was drafted in the  first-round, by the Celtics. He was an All-Star during his brief 1987-93 NBA career. Reggie Lewis was Boston’s leading scorer (PPG) in 1991-92 (followed by Bird, McHale and Parish) and 1992-93 (followed by Parish, All-Star Xavier McDaniels, ironman Kevin Gamble, McHale).  His jersey number 35 has been retired by both the Boston Celtics and the N.U. Huskies. (info from


FYI: 1928 Boston Garden opens.  After a boxing card opened the Garden, the Bruins played their first game on November 20, 1928 (MTL 1, BOS 0) over 17,000 squeezed into the event with police battling the over-zealous fans. Bruins home ice from Nov 1928 to September 1995,  Vacant for two more years until careful demolition began, the ‘current’ Boston Garden was built just a few feet from the original building’s footprint.

(*Still looking for video evidence that  BOBBY  ORR  was “the last skater” to leave the Boston Garden ice at “The Last Hurrah” in 1995, WSKB video hosted by Sean McDonough, live broadcast w/ Garden video highlights, does not show the Orr’s last skate around. This ten-minute tribute is on YouTube.  You Tube member, ‘sunanna’ has separated 19 parts of the event, look for part 18. Note: Part 14 at 4:18 Last Hurrah begins.



TROPHY : Presently, it is the oldest professional trophy, within North America.

Be aware that in yachting, “The America’s Cup” first awarded in 1851, is the oldest, active, international, sports trophy.

Weight : 34 1/2 pounds. Made of Silver & Nickel Alloy.

1932 : ON ICE : The first trophy presentation …on the ice.

1950 : HOIST : The first player to actually hoist the Cup over his head was Ted Lindsay (DET).

1995 : KEEPER OF THE CUP. Currently, Phil Pritchard (known for his white gloves) Previously, Mike Bolt.

2001 : AIR TRAVEL : Since 9/11/2001, the Cup rides as baggage, not belted to a passenger seat, as before.

2008 : RISK : Insured for $ 75,000.

2008 : CHARITY : In seven years, it has raised over $ 7 million for charities.

2011 : RISK : Insured for $ 1.5 million.

(Info from:  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2008, The Post Game, 2011)


NOTE: The Borg Warner Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Indianapolis 500. (a replica is actually given, not the original trophy) The Borg-Warner is 5 feet, four inches tall and weighs 153 pounds of mostly, sterling silver. This unique cup is wrapped in a checker board design, like a race-winning, checkered flag. The alternative squares are the faces of the drivers, sculpted in miniature relief. It is insured for over a million dollars.


2011 : ROAD RULES from one of the Cup Keepers, Howie Barrow :

1 –  “Have It Home By Midnight”. The Cup has a curfew.

2 – “No Casinos or Gentlemen’s Clubs”. Classy Cup Only.

3 – “Don’t Get It Wet”. It can’t swim, it’s just a cup.

4 – “No Sky-Diving”. It can’t fly, either. it’s just a cup.

5 – “No Heavy Lifting”. Not for you. Hoisting for Stanley Cup Champion players, only.


More fun tales and adventures of the Cup in this KEVIN ALLEN paperback.

“Why Is the Stanley Cup in Mario Lemieux’s Swimming Pool? : How Winners Celebrate with the World’s Most Famous Cup?”

(2000) 224 page paperback. by USA Today, hockey, beat writer KEVIN ALLEN.



– “Terrible Ted”. An over-flowing record of 7 of 8 seasons with more than 100 penalty minutes.

– 1964-65 All-Star Game, BOS defenseman

-1968-69 All-Star Game, BOS defenseman

-1969  THE FIGHT. [Sept 21 BOS vs. STL]  Concussion, cracked skull and brain damage in a stick-swinging fight with Wayne Maki.

-1969-70 Did not play, due to the injuries in that fight.

-1969-70 The 1970 Bruins included severely-injured skater, Teddy Green {#6}, to the engraved Stanley Cup roster, even though he did not play a single game in the 1971-72 championship season.


-1971 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 11-15-71 ” My Last Rites” by Teddy Green, the tough guy becomes very introspective, in a lengthy article about his comeback. Insecure about wearing a helmet, in a league that no one worn helmets. Green scoffs at himself needing to wear a helmet, in his P.O.V. article.

HELMET, F.Y.I.: Retiring in 1974, Gump Worsley [MINN] was the last “NO – MASK” goalie to win the best goalie prize, the Vezina Award, in 1966 and 1968 .

Note: Pittsburgh goalie Andy Brown played an entire “no-mask” game on April 7, 1974, in a 6–3 loss to the Atlanta Flames, and became the last No- Mask goalie. Brown was assessed 60 penalty minutes in the 1973-74 season, this was a rare record for goalies, which he held until Gerry Cheevers (1979-80) was rung up for 62 minutes. Andy Brown’s brief three-year NHL career, as a goalie with “no mask”, ended with a stint in the World Hockey Association (WHA). Finally, in 1979, the NHL begins a mandatory rule for all skaters to wear helmets, for safety, with the exception of anyone who has signed an NHL contract before 1979.


#7 Andy Brown…. 60 PIM [1973-’74}

#6 Ed Balfour…61 PIM  [’93-94]

#5 Gerry Cheevers…. (BOS) 62 PIM [“79-’80], That is 42 games, in net, with 62  minutes in the box!

#4 Tom Barrasso….. 70 PIM [’88-89] (born in Stow, MA, first goalie to play (not just sign) “pro” right out of High School (Acton-Boxborough). Barrasso notches 5 seasons in the top 50 seasons of goalies in the “penalty box”.

#3, #2 and #1  RON  HEXTALL  ….. [104 PIM, 104 PIM  & 113 PIM] [1987, 1988 & 1989] The Flyers rookie net-minder smashed this record (and some noses) with the Broadstreet Bullies a.k.a. the Philadelphia Flyers. In 1988-89 the goalie Hextall was 8th of nine Flyers with over 100 penalty minutes. Hextall appears 6 times in the top 22 seasons of goalies in “box”!

[information:, ]  LOL, That’s right…. it’s hockey… so it is  .NET!


-1972 – January 24th 1972. Teddy Green Night at the Boston Garden. BOS vs. MTL.

-1971-72 Boston Bruin Stanley Cup Champions. Six Bruins played all 78 games , including Teddy Green.

-1973 WHA Championship,  New England Whalers. Green named team captain.

-1974 Wayne Maki dead at 29. {Green’s combatant} Maki dies of brain cancer only 18 months after his diagnosis.

-1976 WHA Championship, Winnipeg Jets.

-1978 WHA Championship. Winnipeg Jets.

-1991-94 As Head Coach of the post-Gretzky Edmondton  Oilers, regular season record  just .408 and playoffs 8-8 at .500 .

-2013 Teddy Green, Born in 1940, retired from the NHL in 1994. Currently, age 73 in 2013. Green is a two-time All Star, the two-time NHL Stanley Cup winner and three-time W.H.A.’s AVCO WORLD  TROPHY, championship winner.




This upstart league that had substantial financial backing that drew  many N.H.L. stars to play for W.H.A. teams, like Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Hull, Derek Sanderson and Gordie Howe. Four teams merged into the N.H.L. as the W.H.A. dissolved in 1979.




The first is “The Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup” which is always on display, in the Hockey Hall of Fame, in Toronto.

The second “Cup” is the 1993 replica Cup, also at the Hall for tourists to see. (see my 2006 picture)

In 1963, the “Presentation Cup”, also the third Cup, is now the trophy that the players hoist upon conclusion of the championship game. It is the parade trophy and “spend a day with each player” trophy. The entire roster and staff are engraved on removable  bands to make room for new champions. The current custom allows 100 days for the players to enjoy the Cup before returning it to the league.


FYI: Pat Mc Reavy (BOS) name is misspelled “McCreavy”, as a player, on the 1941 Bruins Championship.

FYI:  Dickie Moore (MONT) won six Stanley Cups while playing for the Canadians. This Hall Of Famer has his name spelled five different ways on the Cup. (D. Moore, Richard Moore, R. Moore, Dickie Moore, Rich Moore).

FYI: The 1972 Boston Bruins name is misspelled, B Q S T Q N .




Who’s name is engraved on the Cup the most times ?

Four men’s names are engraved on the Cup 8 times. One has nine and one has ten.

Montreal’s  Henri Richard (MTL) has his name on the Cup, eleven times!
11 x – Henri Richard MTL
10 x – Jean Beliveau MTL
9 x  – Claude Provost MTL
8 x  – Yvan Cournoyer MTL
8 x  – Jacques Lamaire MTL
8 x  – Maurice Richard MTL
8x  – Red Kelly DET / TOR
7x  – two players.
6x  – fifteen players.
5x  – twenty-six players.



FYI: There are 12 women’s names engraved on the Stanley Cup.

1 – Marguerite Norris,.
– Detriot Red Wings 1954, 1955 Champions.
– Norris was the first woman to have her name engraved on the Cup.  Her name is on it twice.
– She took over as President of Detroit Red Wings (1952-55) when husband died in 1952.
– Her father James Norris Sr. has best defensemen trophy named after him, The Norris Trophy.


2 – Susan Samueli,
– Anheim Ducks, 2007 Champions.
– Wife of owner.


3 – Sonia Scurfield.
– Calgary Flames 1989 Champions (formally, Atlanta Flames)
– Wife of owner, (husband died 1985, due to avalanche)


4 – Marie Denise De Bartolo York.
– Pittsburgh Penguins 1991 Champions.
– Daughter of Edward De Bartolo Sr. , who made Marie the owner and president of the Penguins.                            – Note: Edward DeBartolo Jr. , N.F.L.  Hall Of Fame as contributor, San Francisco 49er’s owner for 23 years, winning 5 Super Bowls.


5 – Marie Carnevale
– 2000 New Jersey Devils Champions.
– She was the assistant to owner Lou Lamoriello (NJ Devils, President and GM, NHL HOF as builder) Lamoriello is a three-time New Jersey Devil, Stanley Cup winner (executive) in ’95, ’00 and ’03. Marie’s name is engraved on the Cup, with the 2000 Cup-winning staff.
– Her title : Hockey Operations and Assistant to the President – GM.


6 – Callie Smith .
– 2000 New Jersey Devils Champions.
– NOTE: Member of the same staff as NJ Devils’s 2000 staff as, Marie Carnevale.
– Her title, Hockey Operations – Scouting Staff Assistant.


7 – Charlotte Grahame .
– Colorado Avalanche 2001 Champions.
– Executive Director of Hockey Administration of the Colorado Avalanche.

Note 1 : Her son, John Grahame has his name on the Cup for the 2004 Tampa Bay Lighting Championship. This is the only mother/son combination of engraved names on the Stanley Cup.
Note 2 : Her husband Ron Grahame was a NHL goalie for the Bruins. He was traded to L.A. Kings for their first round draft pick in 1979, who turned out to be Ray Bourque.
Note 3 :Bourque’s name is on the Cup with Colorado’s Ms. Charlotte Grahame, for the 2001 Avalanche’ Cup victory.


8 – Nancy Beard.
Detriot Red Wings 2002, Champions.
Her title:  Executive assistant.




FYI: Detroit Red Wings 4 Championships 1997, 1998, 2002 & 2008                                                                     Marian Llitch, with husband, Mike, founded Little Caesar’s Pizza in 1959. Mike Llitch is the owner of the Detroit Red Wings (NHL) and the Detroit Tigers (MLB).

9 – Marian Llitch, mother, name on Cup,  4x 
10 – Denise Llitch, daughter, name on Cup  4x
11 – Lisa Llitch Murray, daughter, name on Cup,  4x
12 – Carole Llitch Trepeck, daughter, name on Cup  4x



The “Original Six” team of the NHL: 

Boston Bruins,

Chicago Black Hawks,

Detroit Red Wings,

Montreal Canadiens,

New York Rangers,

Toronto Maple Leafs.


The Boston Bruins have won 6 STANLEY CUPS.


1938–39, 1940–41,

1969–70, 1971–72,




“The Stanley Cup Trophy  –  Fun Facts”    by     Ed Mullen,      June 2013.

Boston Bruins Greats (Jersey Numbers Retired)

99 – WG – WAYNE GRETZKY (NHL-wide)


Chicago & Boston, Both Are Major League.


Here are some responses, statements and testimony to the Boston/Chicago dual. Everyone likes their hometown better, but here are some facts and stats with a side order of opinion.  Just like… who’s got a better St. Patrick’s Day. Brats vs baked beans. Is chili better with beans? Who has got the worst weather (OK , you win Chicago)

Who is the “WINDY CITY”, if you ask? NOAA, then…“The windiest city in the United States is not the one nicknamed the “Windy City”.  Among large cities, Chicago ranks twelfth for fastest average wind speed. America’s windiest major city is Boston, where overall the wind blows two miles per hour faster than in Chicago. Boston and Chicago are two of thirteen large US cities with year-round winds averaging above 10 mph.”

Quote from “Current Results” web site who collected data from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)  { }

In a selected response to a recent “Chicago is Better than Boston” Blog.

Chicago issue #2. Super Bowl XX . Head to Head.  OK, the 1985 Super Bowl was a butt-kicking.  Bears 46, Patriots 10.  However, from 1973 to 2010, the N.E. Patriots have a regular season 8-3 edge, over DA  BEARS.

Chicago issue #3 – Chicago Fire 1871. This just in… Great Boston Fire in… 1872.  Both horrible.

Chicago issue#4 – Boston Braves (various names) 1870’s to 1953 in Boston. Braves stayed 12 years in Milwaukee before leaving for Atlanta, beginning in 1966. Boston (NL) 1915-1953 played at Braves Field. Braves won World Series in 1915, at neighboring, larger Fenway Park. Yes, Boston (NL) World Series Champs win at Fenway Park in 1915. Braves won the NL pennant in 1948, one playoff game away from a Boston (NL) vs. Boston (AL) World Series.

Chicago issue#7 – Red Sox vs Yankees are always relevant. In last 15 years, Sox finished first or second in 11 of the last 14 seasons. In the last 20 years, the Yankees finished first or second 19 times [ I can’t believe that I am – momentarily – waving the NY flag.]

Since 1998, NY (AL) is 5-2 in W.S. , BOS is 2-0 and CHI (AL) is 1-0. CHI (NL) 0-0 or their name is the Cubs, the 1908 W.S. Champs (and 1907). Hello Cubs? It’s me, Cleveland (AL) you know, the second longest drought in MLB? (Indians, 1948 WS Champs) I’m still waiting and I am up to 64 years! What’s that Cubs? 1908? Waiting 104 years? Billy Goat curse (began in 1945)? Steve Bartman incident (2003) with just four outs from going to your first W.S. Since 1945? Good luck, with that.

BUT…….. it’s still Good vs. Evil? Red Sox president Larry Luchino in 2002, called the George Steinbrenner Yankees “the evil empire”.

BTW : In February 2004, CNN anchor Miles O’Brien chats with columist (New Jersey Star Ledger) Larry Rochia. ( from )
O’BRIEN: All right. So explain this one. George Steinbrenner — let’s face it. The Red Sox/Yankees dispute runs deep. And probably he would have paid any amount of money to pull this off. Right?
ROCHA: Probably, yes, basically. This obviously is the greatest rivalry in sports. It goes back to — 85 years to when the Yankees got Babe Ruth from the Red Sox. The ending is always the same. Sometimes the route to that ending is different.
But basically I think the way to explain the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry to the basic person is just think about the Road Runner and Wiley Coyote. And the Red Sox are Wiley Coyote. And every time they’re ready to drop that wrecking ball full of explosives on the Road Runner’s head, the Yankees pull off something and…
O’BRIEN: An anvil drops on the franchise. Acme something or other blows up in their face.
ROCHA: Right.
O’BRIEN: All right, so let’s extrapolate out for a moment. Dream teams are seldom the dream they pretend to be. Will the Yankees really be worth the money?
ROCHA: You know, they’re going to be a great team. Right now they’re the best team in baseball.

Later in October 2004, Red Sox radio announcer Joe Castiglione shouts: “Can you believe it”

Chicago issue#8 – It’s a tie. Wrigley Field 1914, the second oldest baseball park vs. Fenway Park 1912, the oldest baseball park. Both are flawed antiques, whose value is prized by the hearts of many and cursed by the sore bottoms of the same.

 Name: Weeghman Park (1914–1920), Cubs Park (1920–1926), Wrigley Field (1927-present)

Name : Fenway Park (1912-present)

M. L. B. :

Chicago White Sox (AL) have 3 World Series titles and 6 pennants. Most recent W.S title 2005. ( 88 year drought)

Boston Red Sox (AL) have  7  World Series and 12 pennants. Most recent W.S. title 2007. (We know a good ‘drought’ when we see one)

Chicago Cubs (NL) have 2 World Series titles and 16 pennants. Most recent W.S. title in 1908 (define “drought”, see 1908)

Boston Braves (NL) have one World Series title and 2 pennants (since 1912). Most recent title, 1914.

Chicago White Sox (AL) also known as, the Chicago “Black Sox” in 1919. (Pennant winning, but 1919 World Series losers, see “Eight Men Out”)

N. F. L. :

Chicago Bears (1 win & 1 loss ) in Super Bowls. Most recent win January 1985.

New England Patriots  ( 3 wins  &  4 losses )  in Super Bowls. Most recent win February 2004.

N. B. A :

Boston Celtics : Since 1946-47, have won 17 Championship titles in 51 playoff appearances. Most recent title, 2007-08.

Chicago Bulls :  Since 1966-67,  6 Championship titles, with 32 playoff appearances. Most recent title, 1997-98.

N. H. L.

FYI: The Original Six:  Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, New York, Chicago and Boston. No coincidence, all great uniform designs, too.

Boston Bruins : 6 Cups, 68 playoffs since 1924-25. Most recent Cup 2010-11 .

Chicago Black Hawks :  5 Cups, 58 playoffs since 1926-27, Most recent Cup 2009-10, 2012-13.

2012-13 CHICAGO defeats BOSTON 4 games to 2. Now 5 Cups for Chicago.

Chicago issue# 9 – Jordan vs. Bird.

Both first team greats. In 28 regular season match-ups, Larry (Celtics) vs. Michael (Bulls), it’s 17-11 Boston. In six playoff games in 1986 and 1987, it’s 6-0 Boston with Bird 27.2 ppg and Jordan 39.7 ppg. Note: In 1986, Jordan scores 63 in a 135-131 OT Celtics playoff win. Jordan 53 minutes played, Bird 56 minutes played and scores his ’86 playoff high 36 points.

STATS ALERT: In the six playoff matchups, Bird was 6-10 and Jordan was 3-4 from the three-point line. In assists, Bird has the advantage in 4 of the 6 games with an 8.5 average to Jordan’s 5.8 assists per game. Bird gets the rebounding edge in 5 of these 6 matches. In 5 of these 6 playoff duals, Jordan goes off for 30, 35, 42, 49 and 63 . While Bird pumps in 29, 30, 32 and 36 points.In blocks, Bird (5 blocks) 0.8 and Jordan (11 blocks) 1.8 bpg.
BTW: In the winter of 1986, Larry is 30 years old, Michael is 23.
BTW: Jordan leads in retirements. Jordan retired from basketball in 1993 (29), 1999 (35) and in 2003 (age 39). Bird retired in 1992 (age 36).
BTW: Select Jordan Honors: 6 NBA titles. 6x Finals MVP, 5x NBA MVP. 10x scoring champion. 14x All-Star
BTW: Select Bird Honors: 3 NBA titles. 3x Finals MVP, 3x NBA MVP. 9x All-Star
BTW: The Twitter logo was named Larry the Bird from 2010-2012, after Larry Joe Bird.

Chicago issue #11 – Pizza? Welcome to the North End. Nuff said. However, concerning local restaurants? I declare a tie. Both winners.

Chicago issue #19 – No hip-hop station in Boston? Memo to Jam’n 94.5 FM. Turn it up!

Chicago issue #22 – True. We can’t go to a bar at 4am. Lucky you.

Chicago issue #24 – The Bruins have used “Zombie Nation” to signal a goal. Perfect. “Zombie Nation” by Kernkraft 400 (one-hit wonder from Germany, 2000)  is one of the greatest arena songs or chants ever, because it is upbeat, fans can chant it and clap-clap-clap to it.

The Chicago Black Hawks use the lame “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis. Good luck with that.

FYI : The “Nut Rocker” (1970’s Bruins TV-38 theme song) by B. Bumble & the Stingers, from 1962, was a rare “instrumental” hit record. It was a variation on Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”.

FYI : Hartford Whalers widely acclaimed “Brass Bonanza” is still a favorite in the new England area.

Chicago issue #25 – Last call. As the first subway in the USA, Boston still shuts down too early. The MBTA’s last train leaves Government Center 12:45am but, bars close at 2:00am. Why? Same or earlier times for all Boston’s subways.

Chicago issue #32 – True. Boston streets are a messy design. Half the city was filled-in marshes and swamps throughout the 1700-1800’s.  See?  The field trip to downtown comes in handy …years later!

Chicago issue #39 – Nobody beats Bobby Orr. Nobody. What The Hull?

BTW : In the three years that Bobby Orr played for Chicago, he played a total of 26 games. He wore #4 for the Black Hawks but never cashed a check from Chicago, out of principle, because he was not one the ice, due to his injuries. Orr signed with the Black Hawks at the end of the 1975-76 season and retired after the 1978-79 season. The N.H.L. Hall of Fame waived the 3-year waiting period and Orr, at age 31, became the youngest living hockey player to be so honored.

Chicago issue #40 – Sam Adams beer (and its million varities) beats “what” micro-brew, Chicago beer?

Chicago issue #44 – Since 1976, “More Than A Feeling” and the whole Boston debut ranks as a perfect  8-track tape, with other classics songs to follow.  BTW, everyone in New England had tons of Chicago vinyl, too! Do we need to send Aerosmith out there to kick your butt.

Chicago issue: #51 –  ESPOSITO BROTHERS.

Phil Esposito was traded to Boston by Chicago with Ken Hodge and Fred Stanfield for Pit Martin, Jack Norris, and Gilles Marotte on May15 1967. Phil Esposito becomes a perrenial 1970’s All-Star and sets league and Bruins scoring records. Two Boston Stanley Cups 1970, 1972. Led NHL in Goals 6 years in a row. Finally, Phil was traded to NY Rangers by Boston with Carol Vadnais for Brad Park, Jean Ratelle and Joe Zanussi, November 7, 1975.

Phil and Tony did not play on the same team. Phil was CHI 1964-1967. Tony was CHI 1970-84.

Tony Esposito was on the roster of the Stanley Cup Champions, the Montreal Canadians in1968-69. Did not play. He was a five-time All-Star and won 3 Vezina Trophies (best goalie) in 1970, ’72, and ’74 . In Tony’s NHL debut : Tony was claimed by Chicago, from Montreal in Intra-League Draft, June 11, 1969. As a 26-year old goalie, he won the Calder Memorial Trophy (rookie of the year).

Both Esposito brothers have been inducted in the N.H.L. Hall Of Fame, in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Chicago issue #52 The National Anthem.

Both sung with animated fervor by the Bruins’ balladeer, Rene Rancourt (an institution since 1975) and the Black Hawks’ tenor, Jim Cornelison (since 2007).

The Chicago/Boston difference is the emotional cheering and patriotic excitement “during” the song, in Chicago, as opposed to the silent respect (until..the last line) in Boston.

Note: The emotional Wednesday April 17th, 2013 version of “The Star Spangeled Banner”  sung by Rancourt, after the Monday Boston Marathon bombings ranks as his favorite. “This tops them all” said Rancourt, in an ESPN Boston interview. Of the many magical moments like the Phil Esposito/Ray Bourque jersey swap and the “Last Hurrah” that closed the old Boston Garden, this was the “tops”.

Chicago issue #53 – US Presidents? OK, Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois in 1911.

Barack Obama lived in Chicago, since 1985, but he was born in Hawaii in 1961, really, he was.

Chief executives born in Massachusetts? John Adams No! He was born in Great Britian in 1735.

His son? J.Q. Adams (#6) was born in the town now called, Quincy, Massachusetts in 1767 and John Kennedy (#35) in Brookline, Mass.

Don’t forget George H.W. Bush (#41) born in Milton, Massachusetts.


Chicago issue # 54 – Frank Sinatra sings “Chicago” vs. “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys, “Dirty Water” by the Standells, “Boston” by Kenny Chesney, “M.T.A.” by the Kingston Trio.. and “Sweet Caroline”  too.

Sinatra always wins. Really, it’s my kind of town, too.

by Ed Mullen, June 2013.


“ S O U V E N I R ”
From sunny, Box-Seat Section 77, Row A, Marc and I got a player’s eye view of the grassy short left field. Sometimes, the third base coach even blocked our sight line to the batter. We could see the infielders scramble to rotate when the batter bunted with runners on first and second. We could also see peeling layer upon layer of dusty brick colored paint, right down to the concrete barrier. No doubt this concrete was poured while workers whistled that new song, “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”. This new concrete overheard fans speak in disbelief about the Titanic sinking. And later that year, peanuts shells were crushed under the feet of jubilant Bostonians as they were on their way to defeating a New York (N.L.) team for the 1912 World Championship. It’s strange that this seat caused me to forget about the Red Sox annual runner – up status. Even though the Sox were in first place longer than the Yankees this year, they never seemed to be comfortable with the Yankees poised to overtake them at any moment. It’s strange that this big front row seat doesn’t have enough room for skepticism. Yes, this box-seat made me forget about the eight game losing streak. And by the time the big September moon hung over my right field counterparts, it would be nine.

Boston’s Tim Wakefield throws a knuckle-ball that barely tops 70 miles per hour. However, this is the as hard to hit as catching a fly, bare – handed. Cleveland’s Juan Gonzalez has smashed nearly 400 career home runs. He looks tall, lean and muscular. From this seat, he looks like the older brother playing with kids in a lower grade. In the seventh inning, Wakefield floated a cotton ball up to Gonzalez. He lashed the ball right at us. Within one second, the happiness of “Here comes a ball”, changed to the emergency status of “Save yourself. . . duck”. This laser beam hit the padded wall with a thud and ricocheted into left field. Foul ball. Veteran out-fielder, Dante Bichette loped over to the still smoking projectile and tossed it gently into the stands. However, as fans clamored to snag the prize like hungry goldfish at feeding time in the F.W. Woolworth’s fish tank, the ball was batted back onto the field. Now, we were all disappointed.

But here comes my new best buddy, the ball boy. Like lightning bolt off his little stool, he broke for the ball so play could continue. With an oversized glove, not his, my pal scooped up the once-rejected sphere and looked my way. Then, I thought I heard “Petrocelli to Scott”, as he heaved the ball to me but it flew way over my head.
Hey, E – 10 ! I stood and turned to see who caught this throwing error. Then, in a scene that looked like a volleyball game with no net, the hot potato skipped back toward the brick-colored wall, back to me. The ball hopped around at my feet. Then it hopped right into my beer cup. True, ask Marc. ( Coincidentally , it was already filled with hops.) Standing, I raised this frothy trophy over my head, like [A*] Ray Bourque did, in a toast to my box seat comrades. But, I couldn’t get the ball out, it was wedged in the plastic cup. I thought, does anyone know that there is a ball in there. Luckily, there were no charades players around to yell “Statue Of Liberty”, or I would have had to touch my nose.

Dump the beer. . . get the ball. If there was any other way . . . but there wasn’t. And so with a splash on the ground, I turned to my stone – fingered brethren and held up the dripping, stitched cowhide in one hand and empty plastic cup in the other, so they may applaud me in my good fortune.

Maybe in Fenway, the foul line is the mystical dividing line of good fortune and bad. Maybe it’s part of  “The Curse”? So be it. I always thought that I’ve been close to it since I tried to chew those dusty sticks of hard gum included in Topps baseball cards. But now, I know I am part of it, because today I have a part of it, in a plastic cup. Thanks to my friend Steve Kelly for these tickets. Final score, Indians 8, Red Sox 5. Pedro goes tomorrow.

Ed Mullen, West Roxbury, MA   Tuesday, September 4, 2001 – Fenway Park

{A*} Ray Bourque wins Stanley Cup as a member of the Colorado Avalanche June 9, 2001. The long-time Bruin was traded to Colorado March 6, 2000 (20 yrs BOS, 1.5 yrs COL) . Famous ironic picture of  Bourque holding the Cup over his head with Colorado uniform on.

[B*} At this time, the drought was 83 years and counting…. Red Sox will win World Series title, three years, after this is written on Oct 27, 2004. “The Curse of the Bambino” was still active.

[C*} The events of September 11, 2001 were one week ahead.