“The I Do’s and I Don’ts with iPods.”

The iPod Wedding. A Summary Of Risky Problems.
“The I do’s and I don’ts with iPods.”
DJ Mr. Ed Mullen

In many cases, the venue director is not involved with any event details, because the caterer or wedding planner covers the schedule. The disc jockey, although ready, responds and coordinates details, as they happen, with the caterer. The other professionals like video and photography seek the DJ’s information.
In many cases, the caterer controls the event schedule and the DJ cooperates with the catering manager.
Without the professional DJ, many timeline issues are left to chance.

You (groom or bride) must attend to songs during the reception or
a friend must attend to music, instead of being a guest.

The song list and the event timeline.
Without a DJ, the songlist is inflexible. The problem is that not just the titles are inflexible, but the order of songs is random or decided weeks before the reception.
The event timeline, again, is coordinated with the DJ for a smooth flow during the reception.

Random mix is a party stopper. The iPod can’t read the crowd. The bride or groom can’t take requests. They should not worry about music selection during their reception.

You have to rent ($) pro speakers. Time wasted before / after. My pro model speakers are better than your or your friend’s home speakers.
Rental ($) needed. Time wasted before / after.

PRO vs. JOE?
There is no substitute for experience. Event scheduling changes. Practical options. Good judgment. Back-up equipment.
All of these things are available with a pro DJ ….and absent without.

Good entertainment isn’t cheap and cheap entertainment isn’t good.

MAGAZINE. Mobile Beat #119
Summary of article, written by veteran Disc Jockey Ed Mullen, published in nationally-published Mobile Beat magazine in Jan. 2009.