Etta James : Flo Rida’s 2011 hit, “Good Feeling”, opens with “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” from 1962

Etta James : Born in Los Angeles CA. [b.Jan.1938 d.Jan.2011] age 73
“At Last” by Etta James :
-Peak Top 40 Billboard Chart Position: # 47 in 1961
-Peak Billboard R+B Position: # 2 in 1961

-Etta James. 4-time Grammy winner.
-Inducted into 3 Halls Of Fame; Blues (Foundation), Grammy & Rock ‘n’ Roll.
-“CADILLAC RECORDS” (2008), the Etta James bio-pic, starring Beyonce Knowles.
-The hit song “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida brilliantly uses the beginning of Etta James’ “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” (1962). “Sometimes, I get a good feeling… that i never never never….
Her gospel “call and response” introduction is a R&B classic.
Flo Rida’s real name is Tramar Dillard from Florida (see his stage name spells…)
Here is the original record. This soul singer’s style pre-dates Aretha Franklin’s style, it is before Tina Turner, too. It is before Motown (1964 “My Guy, Mary Wells) and Stax Records (1960 “Gee Whiz” by Carla Thomas was more of a doo-wop style, than gritty R+B style, like this Etta James record)

“SOMETHING’S GOT A HOLD ON ME” by Etta James YouTube video slideshow.

‘GOOD FEELING” by Flo Rida. Official video YouTube.

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