Second Time Around For Wyman School PTO: Teamwork Trivia

SOLD OUT at Wyman PTO means … fun and funds for enrichment programs at the Woburn’s Wyman School.
Dress Code [ points or prizes ] was in effect so, ten points, went to : Boston sports, cowboy hats, Occupy Wyman!, St. Patricks Day, Hawaii & Ninjas (with head bands). The best table in Dress Code was the Wedding Reception: including the bride & 9 brides maids, wrist bouquets, chair covers, veil, and wedding cupcakes!

Five tables of silent auction items.
The 50 / 50 Raffle awarded $465 to a lucky player!

“Cavandish” is America’s favorite variety of what food?
Capitals of Illinois, Delaware & Oregon? – Hint: All names are well-known Massachusetts towns.
Who is the “alphabet mysteries” author?
Who is the 2-time Olympic medal winner (women’s hockey) from Woburn.

Thanks to Mandy Severance Sawicki and her committee at the Wyman School PTO.

This year the event was held at the very comfortable Woburn Elks. Plenty of room for the 19 tables of ten – SOLD OUT!
See you next year. 3-23-12

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Batchelder School Goes The Distance with Teamwork Trivia. Nets $7600.00!!

The first-ever Batchelder’s Parent Organization Teamwork Trivia Night was led by Tracy Zimmerman, Stephanie Chinchillo, Lynn Doucette, Jane Donovan and Michelle Gwozdz and it exceeded everyone’s expectations. 240 Parents and Teachers attended, it was SOLD OUT in the first week.

A one of two live auction items was “Principal For A Day”
( Thanks, Principal Sean Killeen)
Gellar Family’s top bid of $800.00 had everyone cheering. The live auction second prize was a rare chance at Red Sox/Yankees game with a pair of seats at “Canvas Alley”, this went to thrilled McKinney family.
There were 2 big tables of silent auction items. There were 3 tables filled with unique raffle prizes.
The exciting 50/50 Raffle split $800.

A Tie-Breaker question was needed to decide the winning table. They called themselves: “Table Next To Us Is Cheating”.

Name Camp Henderson’s most famous marine.
You are having a cooking “throw-down” with a celebrity chef, name him.
Name the rent-a-car company who says, “We’re #2 We Try Harder”.

Batchelder School, Batchelder’s Parent Organization (BPO) North Reading @ Moose, North Reading. 3-10-12


Tewksbury Mem HS PAC: 5-Time Teamwork Trivia: Sold Out…again.

Tewksbury Mem HS PAC. SOLD OUT … Again. 330 players ( x $20 per) filled up the elegant wood-beamed hall and went table vs. table in trivia battle. The 33 teams gathered to try and knock off the champions “Genetically Predisposed” – they will have to try again next year because … they won again! More gold medals and the PAC trophy!

BTW … That is $6600.00 in admission alone!
Add in The Big Raffle Table.

Who is the only 4-time Best Actress Oscar winner?
Who’s motto was “The Best To You Each Morning” ?
How many numbered pockets are there in a American casino’s roulette wheel?
Who sang “ Hold Me Now”, “Red Solo Cup” or “ I’m Sexy And I Know It”?

For the Fifth time: Teamwork Trivia 2008, 09, 10, 11 & 12.
See you in 2013 for #6 !
Tewksbury Country Club. 3-11-12

See the Tewksbury site: HERE

See the Teamwork Trivia Facebook page of PIX and Fun: HERE

Lincoln School, Brookline: 4th Annual Teamwork Trivia Night 3-3-12

Sold Out at Lincoln School, again.
The Fourth Annual Teamwork Trivia Night.
This group of 200 {that’s 200 times $25 per player} parents, teachers and wing/men + wing/women came up an instant cash game within a game: a MULLIGAN. It is an automatic right answer, that costs $20, no strings attached. The competition was so hot, that the mulligan’s alone raised over $1200.00. What? Yes, it’s true $20 dollar bills were flying.
In the 50/50 Raffle someone spent $5 for five tickets and won $280.00.

DRESS CODE was in effect: That means its either prizes or points for dressing you and your table up. Click on Facebook.
What is the common name for ‘epistaxis’? Name two nicknames for the NY Knicks, Jeremy Lin.

How much money did Lincoln make with only this paragraph of information?
Lincoln School. Brookline 3-3-12
See the fun pix : Facebook.

Triton Regional HS’s parents support their seniors at 2012 graduation. GRADVENTURE is no trivial matter. 3-2-12

When parents at Triton Regional HS need to get something done, they get something done! This active parents group, led by Wendy Worcester Antonucci, held a fundraiser for the supervised HS senior graduation party, “Gradventure”. Trying out a Teamwork Trivia Night was a perfect fit. Big tables of raffle prizes from local vendors. The trivia first-timers at Triton had each round sponsored by local vendors.
Newburyport Elks. 3-2-12
175 people were asked…
What is the common word for “syncope”.
Name the NBA teams that do not end in “s”.
What duo sings “Warm It Up”, who sings “Rhinestone Cowboy” or
what duo teamed up for “DJ’s Got Us Fallin In Love”.

Next year Teamwork Trivia Night is already booked.
See the fun: