Lincoln School, Brookline Nets $4000.00. 3/6/10

Time to match wits with the bunch from Brookline. The one-night fundraiser netted a big $4000.00 . On March 6, 2010, teachers and parents gathered to engage in another (2nd Annual) TeamworkTrivia Night. There was no room for another table due to event’s popularity. The sold-out event had a new twist, “Dress Code – In Effect”. This means that the table that decorated themselves or the table in a theme, got extra points. Since the game was decided by 2 points, next year’s tables will really be decked out!
The “GhostBusters” were targeting last year’s winners called “Caesar’s Ghosts”. However, the “BlackEyed Peas” were triumphant as they danced with their gold medals. (BTW, all 3 of these teams got Dress Code points)

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“Dress Code”, new feature for your table

For Teamwork Trivia Nights:
“Dress Code” is in effect!

Simply, if all your TABLE MEMBERS, dress up “themselves” or their “table” with any kind of costume or decoration. The table begins the game with 10 bonus points – since most games are decided by less than 5 points, this is a big advantage. Of course, this makes the night’s atmosphere more fun, too!
Popular themes like: School colors, Mardi Gras, 4th of July, beach bum – Jimmy Buffett, St.Pat’s, Halloween, etc…
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